2013 Gunpowder

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For the people of Lewes in the United Kingdom it is going to be the longest night of the year. Organized by a number of different local societies, everybody has been waiting for this day to come. No detail can be overlooked: the torches, the costumes…the fireworks. It’s Bonfire Night. A time to commemorate the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605: the attempted assassination King James I in order to restore a Catholic monarch to the throne by blowing up Parliament with 36 barrels of GUNPOWDER.


An ARENAS FILMS production

direction – Luis Arenas
production – Cecilia Bartolomé, Antonio Arenas & Luis Arenas
cinematography – Fran G.Vera
music – Marc Bonet
edit – Luis Arenas
sound mix – Peter Memmer
graphic design – Elena Veguillas
voice – Andrew Lee Jackson

gunpowder5 gunpowder4 gunpowder3 gunpowder2 gunpowder1